“The biggest enemy in your trading success could be what you already know about Day Trading”

~ Candace Pendleton

Candace Pendleton offers both private and group coaching to day-traders who are willing to go beyond their limitations and improve their trading game FAST.

Live Trading Room

Every day, Monday through Friday, Candace trade live in front of a select group of forward-thinking traders.

As a member of the live trade room, you can mirror her trades and take immediate profits.
Or you can use it to hone your trading skills.

Whichever way you use, the live trade room makes a huge difference to your profitability and
trading success. On top of it, you will get the camaraderie and support from our amazing day-trading

Private Coaching

Candace will work with you 1:1 to fine-tune your trading skills. In just one hour, you’ll get
valuable advice and personalised tips to help you become a more profitable day trader immediately.

In this 60-minutes private coaching session, she will listen to you and understand your trading style.

Then she’ll work with you to jointly evolve a personalised trading plan based on your strengths and

This is the BIGGEST shortcut to get rid of your weaknesses and become a highly profitable day-trader!

Level: Intermediate/Expert

Cost: $500

NOTE: Private coaching subject to Candace’s availability (No Payment required to submit your application)