Profit Rocket™ Indicators

A proprietary package of the 123 Easy Trade Profit Rocket™ Trend Reversal Indicators for the NinjaTrader® platform which capture the important aspects of price movement—trend, cycle, momentum, volatility, support/resistance on any time frames.

✓ Studies are designed to identify what we call the “Profit Rocket Trend Reversal” that identifies through our proprietary software when the reversal starts when it’s triggered and with the highest probability entry signals to enter the trade.

✓ They work on any time frame from ticks, minutes, daily or monthly. If you like to trade powerful breakout/breakdown move, then these are indicators you need.

✓ They are colorful, compelling, easy to read and quick to react to, even when using multiple time frames.

✓ The combination creates a color, visually pleasing artistic alerts that coordinate with all of our high probability setups for entries, exits and staying in trades.

✓ Floor Day Trader based pivot lines are included for support and resistance, with mid-pivot values and extensions in the event that price goes to extremes. Both the mid-pivot and extensions can be turned off or on as you desire.

✓ Key Moving Averages are included that show major support & resistance levels. These often provide what we call “local” or short-term support and resistance. Many times these lines form temporary channels which can be traded.

Special Bonus: Profit Rocket Audio Alerts

Level: Intermediate/Expert

Price: $1,997

6 Killer Strategies

Trading is all about taking calculated risks.

If you don’t have an ‘edge’ which is a high probability entry signal, you get stopped out and lose money.

The six killer strategies are an essential part of your trading arsenal because you will learn the entry signals that have the highest probability of working out. In this course you’ll learn to IDENTIFY the entry signal and then EXECUTE on it.

Level: Novice/Intermediate/Expert

Format: Digital Course

Price: $297

Profit From Your First Trade

Are you are new to the world of day trading futures?

Are you new to the Ninja Trader platform?

If your answer (to any of these questions) is ‘yes’ then this course is a perfect starting point for you.

In just five easy steps you’ll get up and running quickly trading the futures market using Ninja Trader platform. This course also give the beginning tips and techniques to the 123 Easy Trade set up and entry signals.

Here is what you will learn:
✓ How to get started day trading futures
✓ The tools of the trade you need: data feed, charting software and brokerage
✓ How much does it all cost
✓ How to focus only on perfecting the highest probability entry points
✓ Ninja trader tips and tricks garnered from 20 years of trading experience

Level: Novice

Format: Online Videos + Downloadable PDF Files

Fees: $97